We work in accordance with the relevant laws, co-operating with the district police-office, supporting each other’s job and under their control. The connection is in good order.

Fire Service

Pursuant to the rigorous standard specifications, with designer authorization and with specific exams taken in servicing and maintenance we carry out our planning-, installation and maintenance activity. The connection is excellent with each region.

Professional Chamber

Based on our mandatory chamber membership the representation seems to be on the upgrade regarding the smooth operation of our property defence activity and in the area of ousting unprofessional, tinker competition. The representation could be better.

Insurance companies

These organizations may do or would do a lot in the area of enhancing the efficiency of the property defence activity and increasing confidence between the clients and enterprises engaged in property defence and operating in compliance with law. The connection is rhapsodical and inordinate.


Magyarország, Budapest, VIII. ker. Józsefváros, József Körút-Baross utca kereszteződés, Horváth Mihály tér, jobbra egyirányú FUTÓ UTCA 13. (utcai üzlethelyiség)