We work in accordance with the relevant laws, co-operating with the district police-office, supporting each other’s job and under their control. The connection is in good order.

Fire Service

Pursuant to the rigorous standard specifications, with designer authorization and with specific exams taken in servicing and maintenance we carry out our planning-, installation and maintenance activity. The connection is excellent with each region.

Professional Chamber

Based on our mandatory chamber membership the representation seems to be on the upgrade regarding the smooth operation of our property defence activity and in the area of ousting unprofessional, tinker competition. The representation could be better.

Insurance companies

These organizations may do or would do a lot in the area of enhancing the efficiency of the property defence activity and increasing confidence between the clients and enterprises engaged in property defence and operating in compliance with law. The connection is rhapsodical and inordinate.

Our Team

Since its inception in 1980, the founders of our company, me and my colleagues have been dealing with the electronic methods applied in complex property defence.
In the beginning, we participated - in cooperation with other property defence companies - in the harmonization of interests among professional organizations, insurance firms and the Police and in the definition of ideas related to property defence, this facilitating join thinking in issues of mutual interests.

Qualifications required by law were obtained for the successful and effective continuation of the company's activity, we have got the relevant licence from the Police and our company is a member of the Professional Chamber, as well. In our company's registry we are also authorized to perform tasks connected to fire-alarm systems so our connection with the fire-brigade is also well-managed.

Thanks to the devoted work in the last decades we managed to establish, maintain and develop and stabilize cooperation - overcoming the frequent economic and governmental changes - with some preperty defence companies operating on the market.

We are ready with these our associates to complete an task by means of electronic devices in the area of property defence, and in particular by using such devices, which are aither developed and manufactured on the domestic market or their presence - in terms of continuous device supply, professional consultations, reliable after sales service - is secure and calculable on the Hungarian makert.

We have never intended to supplement the electronic property defence tasks with personal watch and guard service, since we are convinced that its in the interests of the customer that the two types of activities are only to supplement each other, but from the point ow view of bearing responsibility, due to the differences in the tasks to be implemented, they are to be separated completely.

Last years, we learned from the experiences of new investments and general modernization projects, that the investors seek to entrust one enterprise with the planning and  implementation of systems independent from property defence. The reason for this could be that, nowadays the separate light current systems at several points are connected, thus their planning and control of their establishment is much more secure. Realizing this, we are fully prepared to perform such tasks, as well.

In view of the aforementioned the below mentioned light current works compriseour scope of activities:

In the area of direct property defence:

Other activities in the area of light current:

Our complex property defence system developed in Hungary and licensed by the OKF (National Directorate General for Disaster Management, Ministry of the Interior) and MABISZ (Association of Hungarian Insurance Companies), to some extent supplement the functions of the classical building monitoring systems in such a way that it is suitable to receive in a selective manner all the technical faults and position signals of the building/project and display it graphically, in justified cases, it is also able to perform direct control parallel with the controls of the building monitoring system.

Our activity consist of stages logically based on each other as it follows: